I have been tattooing for 26 years and have resided and tattooed in London, Paris, Osaka, Sydney, Buenos Aires and many other cities. I now tattoo in Santa Barbara, CA. I have been traveling the world for over two decades and have studied many different styles.

I am drawn to Hindu, Tibetan, early Edo period Japanese art and the bold classic folk art Americana designs. I also like the fine line black and grey style that emanated from California in the seventies Latino culture and also enjoy variations of geometric non figurative blackwork. I attended Columbia University in New York City and have been studying art for over thirty years.

I am a respected artist who has a wealth of experience and I am also an accomplished tattoo machine builder. I am technically very clean and fast. I am very discerning about what projects I take on and will only do pieces that are interesting to me. Please refer to the TAM article in the press section to read more about my evolution as a tattooer.

I also visit New York City often, and I work in Paris and London every year and appointments can be made by emailing justgoodtattoos@yahoo.com or you can call me on 1 (207) 899-9066 between twelve and seven Tuesday through Saturday PST. I am only interested in serious inquiries. If you're in or visiting the Sanat Barbara, CA area you can make an appointment with me at 805 Ink, info@805ink.com / 1 (805) 845-5805. Please explain what you are looking for in a concise message and where you are located. I will return your message and we can discuss your project. Feel free to contact me in English, French or Spanish.

Please visit my new film series at gypsygentleman.com and see some of the great cities of the world and some of the great tattoo artists who live there.

Thank you for visiting my site ...cheers Marcus Kuhn



Phone: +1 (207) 899-9066
Email: justgoodtattoos@yahoo.com or Tel: +31 40 246 1679
Address: Dragon Tattoo Kerkstraat 38, 5611 GK Eindhoven, Netherlands